It’s the first of the month, and we are super pleased to reveal to you our new products here to stay!

Are you constantly faced with buying products in bulk even though you only want to purchase a few individual items?

At Bagot Pharmacy Supplies, whilst we do offer bulk buying, we are best known for individually selling items to consumers that are hard to come by.

See below, a list of brand new products to BPS!

BIO-CAN 3.2L Oval Push Cap
The smallest of the oval range, the 3.2L container is easily handled and is very popular with Nuclear Medicine departments.

MColorpHast™ Non-Bleeding pH-Indicator Strips
MColorpHast™ pH-indicator strips cover different pH ranges from the universal range 0 to 14. The indicator is chemically bonded to the cellulose backing, therefore the strips do not bleed and contaminate the testing material – unlike conventional indicator papers.

BIO-CAN 125ml Sharps Container with CR Cap
The BIO-CAN 125ml Sharps Container is easy to use to dispose of sharps and soiled dressings etc. With small volume usage and portability in mind, this sharps container is not only compact but extremely versatile.

BIO-CAN 250ml Sharps Container with CR Cap
The BIO-CAN 250ml Sharps Container has been specially developed to meet the growing needs of clinical staff involved in giving injections.

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