About us


Bagot Pharmacy Supplies is a subsidiary company of Bagot Press which was established in 1969. Bagot Press was established to supply dispensing labels to pharmacies. In the ensuing years a gradual growth has seen the company progress to produce labels of all kinds, plus the general printing required by pharmacies. Bagot Pharmacy Supplies supplies virtually all consumables needed by a pharmacies including, packaging, retail merchandising, compounding equipment and miscellaneous stationery items. Our site allows you to shop anywhere, anytime. Just logon to explore our extensive range. Contact us direct for pharmacy tailor made deals as we offer special rates based on volume over a 12 month period. We strive to provide a “one stop solution” and have the experience, staff and facilities required for all your needs. If you are a Pharmacy Group or a Hospital, prices will differ. Please contact us on 1300 600 292 or email [email protected] our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.