BIO-CAN 125ml Sharps Container


BIO-CAN 125ml Sharps Container
Sold Individually
Easy to use to dispose of sharps and soiled dressings, compact & versatile.



The BIO-CAN 125ml Sharps Container is easy to use to dispose of sharps and soiled dressings etc. With small volume usage and portability in mind, this sharps container is not only compact but extremely versatile.

This container is ideal for personal use – IV drugs, diabetics, IVF and needle exchange programs. Perfect size for handbags and glove compartments.

These 125ml Sharps Containers are robust, pre-assembled and are manufactured to conform to current Australian Standards.
They can be safely autoclaved and incinerated as part of the controlled destruction process.

A range of convenient round shaped one piece sharps containers is available, incorporating the latest features in safety.

Shape: Round with tamper proof lid.
Opening: 20mm with 28mm Lid.
Holds up to 10 x 1ml syringes
Container Dimensions: H 150mm x Di 45mm

This product is part of our new range to Bagot Pharmacy Supplies.

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