Glass Stirring Rod


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The Glass Stirring Rod is available in two sizes.

Stirring rod is made out of solid glass with rounded ends.

The rod is stain resistant, heat resistant and non-porous.

Typical uses include: mixing chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes.

The Glass Stirring Rod is available in the following sizes: 200mm x 10mm and 300mm x 7mm.

Chemical reactions often require agitation to proceed, and the stir rod serves as a way for a scientist to provide controlled agitation without interacting with the chemicals directly.

While remarkably sturdy due to their construction, the rod’s can break and care should be taken when putting them under stress.

It is recommended that the rod be cleaned after each use to avoid contamination. Glass rods can normally be cleaned simply by placing them in a beaker of clean water and stirring.

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200mm, 300mm