Triangular Pill Counting Tray


AMCLA Clear Triangular Pill Counting Tray with red indicators.

Level pills into the V of the triangle and count the rows
to determine the total number of pills in the tray.

i.e. 5 rows = 15 pills as indicated in red



The Triangular Pill Counting Tray is designed for round pills of the same type.

This tray is intended for the tedious task of counting pills.

Made with precision in mind, count regular shaped tablets with accuracy and speed.

Users are to simply count the number of rows to determine tablet count based on the unique legend.

Tray is easy to clean and read.

The Triangular Pill Counting Tray is available in only one size, suitable for pharmacists.

Bagot Pharmacy Supplies also stock a regular Pill Counting Tray.

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