MColorpHast™ Non-Bleeding pH-Indicator Strips – 100 pk


MColorpHast™ Non-Bleeding pH-Indicator Strips
100 pk
pH-indicator strips cover pH ranges from the universal range 0 to 14.



The MColorpHast™ pH-indicator strips cover different pH ranges from the universal range 0 to 14.

The indicator is chemically bonded to the cellulose backing, therefore unlike conventional indicator papers, the strips do not bleed and contaminate the testing material. This means the pH-indicator strips can remain in the testing medium indefinitely – making measurements highly accurate, even in weakly buffered solutions.

The pH-Indicator Strips feature the following:
– SafetyEdge box offers maximum security and convenience
– Non-bleeding strips prevent contamination of the medium
– Transparent strips for clear results in lightly colored or turbid liquids, without sample preparation
– Quick and easy method without preparation
– Brilliant color scales deliver reliable results

Analyzing cloudy liquids with conventional pH-indicator strips can be exceedingly difficult. Suspended particulate matter which accumulates on the reaction zone can obscure the true color and make the pH impossible to read.

These pH-Indicator strips are transparent for turbid solutions. The pH reaction zone is backed by a transparent carrier film – so users can wipe off accumulated material and read the pH easily without damaging the strip, even in suspensions and precipitates. If the reaction zone is obscured by particulate matter, users can simply evaluate the color on the reverse of the carrier film.

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