Insignia etched Government Stamped Glass Conical Measure


Traditional measure with round base ideal for measuring and mixing.

Come’s with a certified document which recognises that they have been verified by government body.

There is a waiting period for stamped glassware – please contact us for more information.



The Insignia etched Government Stamped Glass Conical Measure is available in a wide range of sizes.

This Conical Measure follows traditional measures. It has round base ideal for measuring and mixing, and a notch top for easy pouring.

The Glass Conical Measure is available in a the following sizes:

5ml – $445.00
10ml – $429.00
20ml – $439.00
50ml – $462.50
100ml – $492.90
200ml – $550.50
500ml – $567.80
1000ml – $652.80

Easy to read markings allow for easy and accurate measurement.

Made of boroscilicate glass.

Common uses include compounding by pharmacists and to dispense liquids for public sale.

Unstamped measures are available for practice use by trainee pharmacists.

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