Amber Plastic Phial 20ml – 50 pk


amber plastic phial
no. 6 drachm
screw cap
50 per pack



The Amber Plastic Phial 20ml comes with a screw cap and is available in a pack of 50.

(Please note this phial is No. 6 drachms)

Bagot Pharmacy Supplies Plastic Phials are popular with pharmacists for dispensing pills and tablets.

Applications include but are not limited to: pharmaceuticals, capsules, tablets, herbs, arts and crafts and vitamins.

At Bagot Pharmacy Supplies we have a wide range of Bottles, Jars and Phials.

Measurement units in drachms

4 drachm ≈ 15ml
6 drachm ≈ 20ml
8 drachm ≈ 30ml
12 drachm ≈ 45ml
20 drachm ≈ 74ml

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