Tudor DL Self Seal Envelopes


White D.L. self seal envelope with plainface
Suitable for correspondence in the office and home
Tudor comply with the Australian Forestry Standard
Economical 500 pack

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The Tudor DL Envelopes feature a self seal closure which is time saving and avoids messing, complications or damage of the contents inside.

The envelopes are simple and ‘clean’ due to each crisp plain face.

The Tudor DL Envelopes are suitable for both the office and home use.

Each envelope is Australian-made using bright white 60% recycled paper. Because of this they are Australian Forestry Standard Certified, therefore they are a great option for environmentally conscious users.

The envelopes are 110mm x 220mm in size and come in an economical pack of 500.

Bagot Pharmacy Supplies sell a wide range of plain face envelopes. Alternatively customers can personalise any size envelope with business or other details and have them digitally printed. Call BPS today on 1300 600 292.