Pharmacy Plastic Carry Bag


Pharmacy Plastic Carry Bag
40 micron
450 x 320 x 100mm
1000 per pack



Our Pharmacy Plastic Carry Bag comes in one size only and is available in a pack of 1000.

These bags are made just for pharmacies, they are sturdy and reusable.

The Pharmacy Plastic Carry Bags comply with Australian standards.
The thickness of these bags is 40 microns.
The size of the Plastic Carry Bag is 450 x 320 x 100mm.

Please Note: Single use, lightweight polyethylene polymer bags (plastic) less than 35 microns thick, cannot be given away or sold by retailers for carrying goods. This law was passed as of the 4th May, 2009. Retailers are able to charge for alternative bags that they supply.

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