Amber Glass Poison Bottle 500ml

Amber Glass Poison Bottle 500ml – 10 pk


500ml amber glass poison bottle
caps included
10 per pack



The Amber Glass Poison Bottle 500ml with cap is available in a pack of 10.

This bottle is perfect for pharmacists, veterinarians, hobbyists, cottage industries, makeup artists, craft artists or simply for personal use.

Applications include but are not limited to: pharmaceuticals, vitamins, chemical solutions, aromatherapy products and oils.

Specifically, the Amber Glass Poison Bottle 500ml protects sensitive products from photo damage yet allows them to still be highly visible.

We have an extensive range of jars and bottles that are ideal for ointments, creams and lotions, particularly for medical and homeopathic products. If this product is not exactly what you need try looking under pharmacy bottles and pharmacy jars in our products section.


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